As I believe is the case with many people, I feel like we have gone into a weird time warp and are just starting to come out of it.

On March 13th, 2020 I had 3 shows I worked on opening on a Friday. And I had 3 shows in the works. That same Friday a quarantine was announced to start the following Wednesday. It has been a crazy ride from then until this day. I lost my jobs. I got a temporary “covid job” as a nanny.  I learned to teach theatre online. I taught theatre in masks and 6 feet apart. Then I started working full time in special education. And finally I am back teaching my summer theatre camps in person!

I feel like I am finally making my way through the fog back into some semblance of normalcy. Covid isn’t over, but life is a little more towards “normal”.

Since theatres started opening up I have had a couple of combat opportunities. First I did fight direction for Death Trap at Waukesha Civic Theatre (ironically Death Trap was one of the final shows I worked on that ended early because of covid.) I also had the pleasure to fight direct Medea at Concordia College and Wait Until Dark at Sunset Playhouse.

I can’t wait to continue more theatre projects and undertake whatever new challenges life throws at me.

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