Kara is by far one

Kara is by far one of the most all-around talented individuals I’ve had the privilege to work with. Everyone who attends our family-friendly events are always blown away by her skills be it balloon twisting, cosplaying as a beautiful princess, or giving glitter tattoos. She’s patient and attentive with children and really knows how to…


“SummerStage’s “Tartuffe” revealed a finely-tuned, high-energy, laugh-filled rendition of Moliere’s well-aged comedy….Characters do a marvelous job of expressing with their exaggerated movements, keeping the show flowing at a steady clip.” 

The Importance of Being Earnest

“Rounding out the central cast is Kara Penrose in the role of Jack’s ward–an attractive, young woman named Cecily. Wilde’s characterization of the young woman can come across quite feebly if the right balance isn’t executed. Fed the wrong way, she might seem intellectually weak and daffy, but Penrose’s gliding across the stage in the…

Red Herring

“Kara Penrose does a good job as Lynn McCarthy…. Her switch to the role of the no-nonsense clerk in City Hall as she looked for the marriage license for Frank Keller is amusing.”

Romeo & Juliet

“Kara Penrose was an absolutely breathtaking Juliet. Her enactment of the young, impetuous, romantic teenager was perfect, the best I’ve ever seen.” 

Lobotomy the Musical

“Nathan Danzer, Kara Penrose and Katie Katschke tackle the tricky job of portraying mental patients suffering from various disorders….What’s great about the portrayals of Katschke, Penrose and Danzer is that they’re performed with equal parts sympathy, empathy and satire.”

Jack of Hearts

“Kim Emer and Kara Penrose lend some warmth to the stage as a couple of people on opposite ends of relations …Emer is  charismatic as the veteran of a very exhausting life in the wasteland while Penrose is endearing as someone who is only just discovering it.”